Guan Yin or Kwan Yin is the fem-masculine  manifestation of Compassion
appearing male or female according to the time and culture
but I propose that the essential  meaning is
the beauty and gnosis possible in the CROSS-OVER spirit

To understand such a spirit, which I believe I am and you are, let us examine this from the spiritual and the configurational.
In bringing this up you have brought me help as you have before, in the playing out of my mirror scene,
wherein Julian is told:
"Now you must see yourself as you truly are, not as you have imagined yourself to be."

And because you appear to be encountering the same thing I have, I will share with you what  I have learned
and which I had to discover on my own, although there are many who walk this path.

The issue, to be blunt, is the unwanted upwelling of gay imagery in the psyche.

We will discover that behind this is the source of our shamanic-healer powers,
our insights into the structure of Cosmos,
and that Fountain that gives us Gnosis.

It has taken me Two Saturn cycles to resolve this;
perhaps you can do it in One during this Quickening.

Each link considers an aspect of this:

Androgyny: Bug or Feature?
Overview of Palengenetic Rebirth Cycle

The Mystery of Gender

Dangers and Revelation

Now that you have met the Skambha, let's review.

When the One decides to play with having an existence moving from All-Time to Local-Time
It creates a Field within which It will have Its play.
In order to have such a game, and to create a Field,
It has invented Polarity, and split Itself into (apparently) Two.
Like matter and anti-matter, It must hold them apart,
for if they come together, they cross-cancel and it's Game Over.

Thus It Alter-Ises the situation, swinging attention like a pendulum
from one pole to the other, like spectators watching a tennis game,
like a smooth comm cycle.

Should It fully see that the One is Mirroring Itself
to make the Lila or Game of the Two
It would As-Is both terminals and they would collapse.

The Skambha or Pillar or Tower or Shushumna or Thrusting Channel
is the Dynamic Force or Binding Power that holds the Two apart
to create the Field, but also binds them by attraction like a taut band
under tension, desiring to come together.


Androgyny: Bug or Feature?

All the spiritual teachings worth their salt teach that the Godhead is Androgynous.
According to some teachings, such as that lineage Vitvan came from,
the Palengenetic ("reincarnation") cycle takes (approx.) 7 lifetimes for the
pendulum to swing from male to female and vice-versa.

Here is what Vitvan said:

     When we study the palingenetic process, it is prominently apparent. Take your mind off the particular phase you are representing in this incarnation and transfer your thought to that which endures from incarnation to incarnation, the Mind Level, the Noetic Self, the Causative Self, that part of you which continues and endures through all the cyclic processes of birth, death, and birth again. That Noetic Self, the Real Self, will cause an alternation, a rhythm between the positive and negative within the Self in which it is functioning.

      For a cycle of seven times round, you will manifest a female body; i.e., representation of the negative principle. Then you alternate and will manifest the positive seven times round in a male body. If you are very observant, you can tell when a woman is approaching the transfer. She becomes very aggressive and positive, losing the feminine touches or interests. She will even begin to simulate masculine garb, becoming more and more masculine. You can know that in the next time or two around that individual is coming into the positive phase of itself, and vice versa. Watch your boys and men; you will find that when they grow more gentle and feminine, leaning more and more to the aesthetic and all those things we associate with women, that Self is approaching a change over. You can see that the basis for homosexuality in all its forms is at the point where the consciousness of the individual is approaching the change over.

Thus, somewhere in the middle of this cycle when the pendulum approaches the
cross-over point, the Godhead manifests as a more nearly balanced male + female.

Overview of Palengenetic Rebirth Cycle

These illustrations show how the One becomes the Two
and then creates Its Field of Activity for Manifestation:


The Skambha comes into Existence:

Then the Chakras emerge on the Vine:

Now, using the All-Purpose Skambha algorithm (All-god-rhythm)
here is how the 7 lives cycle or oscillation appears:

At the middle or CROSS-OVER position in the 7 lives cycle,
the Being is most close to being Androgynous, and closest to
Its Original nature.

The X-Over Spirit

Each position in the Palengenetic Oscillation has its strengths and virtues.
Only 1/7 of the time is the Being in the X-over position.
6/7ths of the culture is identified with being male or female.

These idealized fractions correlate fairly well with what Kinsey found in his surveys as shown in his Scale.

The X-Over or TWIN SPIRIT people were commonly recognized
in older cultures, even revered for their unique shamanic abilities,
because due to the cross-cancellation effect on polarity, they could
easily re-enter into Knowledge of the Higher Self
or Heavenly Home,
the Overworld
of Unity.

Sexual orientation could be "straight" or "gay" at this 7th position.
Even if "straight" the Being is more likely to be sensitive to the
energetic flow of the opposite sex.
Thus a 7th position male making love to a woman might
wonder and then feel what is like to receive love as a woman.
Indeed "he" might feel that he would be more fulfilled emotionally
if he could
from time to time
 experience sex and love as the opposite sex and gender,
which is so much closer in his psyche.

In addition, let us allow that there are those whose
innate state causes them to be truly and mostly same sex oriented.
They too belong to the 7th position.

Inversion and Reversal caused by Shock

In the 7th position, the male-female flows, being closer to balance,
are also more easily inverted from shock to the psychic system.

Thus a male bodied X-Over who is flowing from male-to-female palengentically
might have his flow inverted by shock, so that internally
he now feels as if he is female-flowing-toward-maleness,
which can raise images of man-on-man sex.

This may be felt as both intriguing, or unwanted.
It may be felt as a hot flush, powerful and desirable
or compulsively controlling
as if one were the slave to the
Inverted and Fallen Lucifer.

The Godhead is FIRE, and the Generative Energy is Fire.
Its magnetic attraction or repulsion
depends on whether Its flow is reversed or not.


I have noticed that there is often a feeling of sadness that triggers INVERSION,
and then a thick warm energy flow. One may feel compulsively drawn
to look into the inverted feelings, like the compulsion to look over a cliff
from a great height, drawn to falling.

But as one gets wise to this mechanism, he can re-invert the flow as it happens,
and then later, remove the original shock to the psyche, using tech
like EFT.

Almost pointless is it to resist and deny, or suppress, because an energetic flow
will persist when driven underground
and only create more addictive and compulsive behavior.

Energy is energy, neither good nor bad, but a force to be harnessed.

One wishes to awaken from deterministic Generative behavior
to Choice, Will, and Regeneration

Inversion of Forces at the Throat Center

According to some schools there is a natural flow of psychic energies
from the lower chakras of personality, toward the "higher" centers
above the heart, which are impersonal.

This is an evolutionary flow, which eventuates in a birth into
a higher (transgendered or non-gendered) consciousness,
wherein memory of one's Original Androgynous Self
is awakened.

It is accompanied by the creation of a new vehicle called the Solar Body.

The energy is a neutral force, accomplishing what is needed for growth
at each stage, but if it carries up qualities that belong to life
in a "lower" personality and biology oriented center, then
these inappropriate qualities (riders on the carrier wave)
must be filtered out.

The Throat Center is the great filter. Here is what Vitvan has said:


The Force in the solar center is characterized by getting. The force in the heart center is characterized by giving, a compulsion urge to give. You don't stop to think about whether you get anything back, or get anything for it; your whole reward then is when it is received. That force in the heart center must pour itself out like a fountain; and don't stop the fountain from flowing because that has disastrous consequences called repressions and substituted compensatory outlets. Open the heart center, let the fountain loose and let it flow and flow and flow; you will find that you are bathed in something that is a joy song in you. It just sings and sings when you let the love nature flow; you don't want a thing, just to keep on flowing.

      Now, let us carry the ida-pingala currents on up. This is the pharyngeal center. Very little is said about it--for a reason. In all the original or occidental literature you read about this center, the pharyngeal center, you will see that they are almost silent; nothing is said. The Orientals have a Sanskrit word for it, laya, meaning "still." You don't notice its activity. Let me tell you again briefly and frankly why there is so much silence in any description about the force in the throat center. If the guna quality of the ida-pingala currents in the generative center is not purified and that force is brought up around the central axis of the psychic nature, a reversal of polarity takes place and creates all sorts of perversions. You hear a great deal and you are going to hear a great deal more about homosexuality and lesbian influences. It is rampant. It is going to be published more openly in the future because there are certain places that are becoming obsessed with all sorts of perversions.

     Perversion begins with the unpurified gunas brought up together with the ida-pingala currents. That is why there is so much silence about the force brought through the pharyngeal center. The unpurified qualities loaded onto the currents cannot be carried above the pharyngeal center because the moment that any unpurified quality in the psychic nature hits the fire every unpurified element in the whole psychic nature is incinerated; we are purified in the fire. That fire is the axe that is laid at the root of every tree not planted by my Father, not belonging to the natural order. Anyone who can bring his forces up to what we call the head center has a pure, uncontaminated influence, frequency vibration; the fire has purified him.

This inversion may well be encoded in the Hanged Man card:

The Hanged Man is no stranger to feeling energies in his head centers.
Lost in contemplative thought, his energies
naturally move there.

But if he is an Old soul in a young body, only now becoming
familiar with his capabilities, and moving indiscriminately
thru the cloudy waters of the race psyche,
exploring sensation and intoxication,
then his uprising Kundalini currents, which
will rise further than the ordinary man,
will carry up egoic energies from the lower centers to this Throat Center.

These egoic energies cannot pass the Throat Center
& will be bounced back down
causing a polarity reversal of those flows in his psyche.
An INVERSION, which leads to Introversion.

Intoxication can bring revelation by bypassing the cortex and its ego-driven view,
but intoxication comes from the root TOXIN, or poison,
as well recognized by the ancients.

If INVERSION causes unwanted psychic images, one may also then
try and use intoxication to blot out these images and keep them
buried in the psyche.
In the ordinary man, this technique may well be applied
throughout all of his life,
though he will remain a reduced creature
surviving robotically.

In the Old soul however, his Basic State demands that the
currents arise, and that all repressed images and energy
not Natural Order and germane to his state
must be flushed out and expurgated.

For when the Christos child awakens within,
& the Trinity Note of Shin sounds the Trumpet
it is the Day of Judgment
and all the hidden ghosts in the psyche shall be called forth
and weighed in the Scales.
Only That which is Essential shall remain.


Important New Understanding (2015)

When the initiates eyes are opened with the entheogenic wine or Shew Bread
it is seen we are not separate from the body of the Mother
but always are an expression of Her, knowing Itself. We, our persona,
is an artifact of that Gnosis.
Initially this can be experienced as NO Free Will, being a puppet
to instinctual forces of the Genetrix, being a "slave" to a Will which
dominates us. This is a true revelation as to How It Is.
But the shock to the little ego-self feels like being dominated by The Other.
Thus in the Mysteries the theme was the Rape of Persephone by
"underworld" forces (personified as Hades)
Feeling "raped" by superior force which has Its way with us  is
shocking at first and we resist surrendering to it.
A male gendered body may feel it as an homosexual rape,
which is both repellant, and yet fascinating. Thinking from a gendered
level we wonder if we are "gay" or "bi" or being taken over
by the "cock force" as slave, for we indeed are now in the receptive position
and a Higher force pins us down.
These images will have to be worked through and decoded.
This may feel like the recovery of the feminine side of our being,
which is also  appropriate, for the older soul has been both male and female
through many lives, and as we approach our memory through the
repository of the Higher Akash Self, we must embrace both sexes in order
to re-enter the pre-gendered state of the Child Christos awaiting birth
in us.

Chi depletion and exhaustion

Intoxication by itself will exhaust and deplete one.
But if it is also coupled with the unconscious urge
to keep down unwanted psychic materiel,
then one's energies are divided and lost
in fighting against one's own self.

The Solution for one who is awakening and on the Path
due to his Basic State
is to co-operate with the Purificatory Process
and his Catharsis.
He must face and call forth the hidden before
it binds him  any further.

or the incarnation would be lost.
in what will only prove to be




The God-Force is the SEX-FORCE.

It should be neither repressed for it is our LIFE, nor should it be squandered.

Instead it should be cultivated, multiplied, and used to feed the embryo
of the Infant Higher Self who will incarnate into  this Vehicle
we are preparing as personalities.

If the Sex-Force gets backed up most will relieve the pressure
by orgasm. This is the life of the ordinary person. Worse than
that would be those cultures that repress even this
drive of Nature.

But when we begin to evolve past our animal-human nature,
when that Call is heard to seek out the Higher One within,
then we need to start cultivating and transmuting the sex-force.
The information on reuniting.org and the use of Karezza is a good beginning.
The Microcosmic Orbit opens a channel to flow the force into so that
the pressure is relieved. These practices lead to a greater magnetism
in the energy bodies, greater health, and more attractiveness to the love-partner.


Here is a practice that came to me when I asked for help on this. I found it in
a Taoist manual, and it supports my mirrored chakra model.
In this the Taoist takes the sexual force up to meet and marry with
its reflected partner in the head centers, at the third eye Ajna.

In the process as shown to me, these two are just the yin and yang to each other,  pushed apart
and separated. If brought together in the middle at the Heart, they will cross-cancel
their polarity and separation, and re-join into a Seed of Unity.

Thus you may experiment with this when the urge to masturbate is too strong to resist.
Imagine, feel, visualize pulling the sex force up into the Heart. But this force is still
part of a polarity and it will be restless, and hungry for its complement. Instead of letting
it flow out into the world looking for its complement, imagine
drawing down its lover-partner opposite force from the Third Eye into the Heart.

The feel of it should be pleasurable and not forced. Go slow if needed.
In doing this you recapitulate the Creative Process
for you act as the over-See-er Godhead or Witness
Who brings the positive and negative terminals together in the blending flows of Union.

Now you will retain the Wholeness.

If  you want to try taking the sex energy up into the head for a marriage in the brain centers,
then the sex energy must pass the Throat. Pull it up and let it rest in the Heart first.
The Heart is the Center, it is the Scales upon which the qualities of the energy are
weighed, so that only the clean and undisturbed energy can pass up.

My guides also showed me that this is an inner meaning of the Scales of Maat
in Egyptian work. People think it means the weighing of the soul after death
to see who is rejected or accepted in some future world.
But here it is part of the Process to bring the future world into this lifetime,
to bring about the birth of the Androgyne on this level.

Here is the illustration from Mantak Chia's book showing the pineal-genital axis;

Remember, you now understand from experience that there are Forces greater than us,
they flow though us, and they can make us their slaves.
Force cannot be controlled by belief, but by learning to work with it
and ju-jitsu it into a higher organization for consciousness work.

Thus do not spend much time on philosophy, but rather, take up a practice of
Inner Energetic work. It will pay off the most of all.