In Jewish lore, the three-pillared Hebrew letter Shin is the symbol of

Divine Power. In addition, it represents  the crossing over point

of the human to super human, the bridge between earthly

existence and existence in the Many Mansions of the Father's Heavenly


The First Gnostic Emanation of the Godhead created the Deterministic

Cosmos of the Four Elements, expressed as YHVH commonly called Yahweh

or Jehovah, a Borg-like world of physical constants and behavior driven

by unconscious instinctual behavior. This is the Cornerstone laid,

the Root Throne of Isis. A world driven by implacable Generative Forces.

The Second Gnostic Emanation

is that moment when the critical mass of self-identified awareness  in the Cube's

internal crystalline structure metamorphoses into emergent  awareness of the Self-organizing Principle ,

 self awakening to Self, the birth of the Christos.  Expressed otherwise,

the Divine Council of Neters intervened in their First Emanation and inserted

the Redemptive Spark of Divine Self-Gnosis, Awareness of God-Will,

the note of Shin.

And thus YHVH becomes YHSVH,  Jehoshua, the Living Flame,

Spirit of Fire living in Water.

This is the moment when man awakens to the Descent of the Lord, Who

enters like a thief in the night, shattering the sleeper's dream.