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  Future students will one day commend the industry of Jim Woolsey for creating the Vitvan Archive, where anyone could hear all of my lectures, and cross reference and search my written work. Over many years he laboriously collected digital versions of all my files; He scanned in and converted as many other files as he could find also, even some major works SNO had let languish, or never published.

He expanded the SNO website to its present size, and most of the pages still show his handiwork and artistry.

He also collected as many old photos as he could find, and scanned them; he retouched them if needed; he then created an online Gallery, including many forgotten historical images which would have been lost. He had my fading portrait rejuvenated, and printed on archival paper. He created the project to photograph all my old charts, as well as find old newspaper articles online, all of which are included in the Gallery.

He made the tape-to-mp3 project happen, writing the manual, instructing Pat Murray and George Tessler; he was the Home Farm IT guy, set up the equipment, purchased new hardware, and assisted editor Coffman many times on how to use her software.

Thanks also go to Juan Schoch (pc93) who spent many more hours typing in and cleaning up many files. Plus he contributed typing in the files of the other authors you will find in the Archive Indices.

Final thanks go to Karyn Weese, who ran some errands to the digitizing service, and who paid the bill for hosting and domain name.


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