A great deal of effort was put into compiling the Vitvan Archive.

While we were at Home Farm SNO for 10 years, we did not really find
any students who delved into his works in depth. It is very difficult to
search out and find what he has said, and how it has evolved, in a corpus
that extends over 50 years.

The Search engine we use in the Archive solves this for those who wish to
data-mine Vitvan. All relevant entries are listed, and the contents displayed
in another window; this is superior to the typical search engine like Google
which will only display a line or two.

These works do not belong to us; we make no money from them; they belong
to the world, just as Ralph (Vitvan) wished, without copyright.

Because of the sorry state of Ralph's school SNO, and the observable lack
of student interest in in-depth study, we would not be surprised if very few
take advantage of this complete Search package.

To measure how many, if any at all, are downloading this, we ask that
you first send us an email and then we will send you the link.
There is no charge; no one will be refused; no one's email will be used
for any other purposes.