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The Spirit of deBit is the Holy Spirit of Freedom
and the celebration of and PROTECTION of Its growth in every individual's heart

You CANNOT preserve freedom by taking it away (Patriot Act)

You CANNOT honor POW precept #1 " Grant freedom to each and claim it for yourself"
by being too chickenshit to live it and give it

The Work is about planting, nurturing, and harvesting FREEDOM of Spirit in your spiritual garden
It is NOT about harvesting vegetables from the soil and pretending that this is anything but an
Analogy for the Real WORK.

The infection of Greed, Fear, & Control that is rampant in this world is being exposed now at the Changeover of the Ages
That Infection has crept into a noble Teaching and strangles the Spirit of deBit at Home Farm

It is time for Quarantine.

Let us start with the most visible of these infected ones.
The others hiding under color of law and "reason" will find themselves exposed as traitor in due time



Poor Susan! Dan is the BIGGEST POT-HEAD on the place.

Everyone is laughing !!

Does she even know ???




How is it this woman is allowed to continue in any position of guiding a School of Wisdom Teaching
when she lacks the very rudiments?

Is it really true as Marj has said on more than one occasion,
that she cannot find anyone else acceptable to be on the Board?

Or has Pat has said the current Board are the only ones
"who would protect the School?"

Or is this more likely an expression of the arrogance of an entrenched coterie
who are self-justifying and who have lost their way
and any moral or spiritual authority amongst the other residents and students?

The Spirit of deBit is the Spirit of FREEDOM called the Holy Spirit
The only sin NOT forgiven is violation of this Holy Spirit in another