O Daystar bright, Whose Fire fell

Into Earthe's Heart, as to down a Well

Yea Fools be they who call this Hell

And know not the Hole where Light does dwell.

The Praxis


Firstly, collect and set aside Our Gold, dug out from its Mine.  If thou knowest a Wise Woman,
visit her in her cave, and return clad in robes reddest, my son.

A wise man will ask, What is this "Cave," this "Mine"  they speak of ?


This cave or Mine has many names, some call it the house of the Ram, or Lambspring, or say to gather Maia's dew during Springtime in the months of Aries or Taurus; which are but visual puns in regards to its true form, which resembles a Ram (lamb) or Bull.

When you have gathered this red liquid Adam, deprive it of its water, and then you will see it is plainly of the mineral kingdom. Within its solar redness lies compacted the radiance of Sol, the First Mover, Creator and Inspirer of all that lives and moves, which is called the Seed of Gold.

This ore is also called Our Scaly Black Dragon





"The esoteric meaning of our black Virgins cannot better be defined. They represent
in hermetic symbolism the
virgin earth, which the artist must choose as the 
subject of his Great Work.

It is first matter in mineral state, as it comes out of the ore-bearing strata,
deeply buried under the rocky mass.  It is, the texts tell us, 
'a heavy, brittle, friable black substance, which has the appearance of
a stone, can shatter into minute fragments."

-----Fulcanelli, Mystery of the Cathedrals



"Whatever then we seem to say or write to the contrary, all our intentional Secret consists in ONLY TWO THINGS; whatever we seem to advise more, is but only to intangle the unwary.

Our first Secret is to know our Sulphur, which many do allegorize to all the absurdities in the World: This is Gold,
which is to be bought pure almost in any place.

The next is to know our Mercury, which is not common but artificial."

E. Philalethes p. 292 Alchemical Works

"First then, take thy Body which is Gold, and thy Water which is Mercury,
the one ready made by Nature to thy hand, the other thou must Prepare,
for it is not to be found in the Land of the Living, but must be made."  E. P.  p. 306 (ibid.)

So then, having gathered our Gold, and set it aside, let us proceed to the discovery of our Mercury,
that Water which will soften and open up the Body, so that its outer shell may die,
and the true Seed of Metals emerge,
which will impregnate our Mercury,
who is the White Wife to our Red Man.



Matter--as I have formerly intimated--is the House of Light. Here he dwells and builds for himself, and, to speak truth, he takes up his lodging in sight of all the world. When he first enters it, it is glorious, transparent room, a crystal castle, and he lives like a familiar in diamonds. He has then the liberty to look out at the windows; his love is all in his sight: I mean that liquid Venus which lures him in; but this continues not very long. He is busy--as all lovers are and labors for a closer union, insinuates and conveys himself into the very substance of his love, so that his heat and action stir up her moist essences, by whose means he becomes an absolute prisoner. For at last the earth grows over him out of the water, so that he is quite shut up in darkness; and this is the secret of the eternal God, which He has been pleased to reveal to some of His servants, though mortal man was never worthy of it.

Eugeneus Philalethes ---- Aula Lucis