Professionally chaperoned medical services to India


Have you researched going overseas for a medical procedure?
Are you concerned about being without a guide in a foreign country?


What makes us different from other Medical Tourism sites?

While others may schedule your operation in a foreign
country, who will be your companion when you arrive overseas.

Our experienced hosts will accompany you overseas and act as your  personal advocates 24/7 for your entire journey, during your procedure and recovery, as well as your personal agents for any other needs while you are away from home.

For your medical protection an experienced surgeon is available to witness your procedure and act as your liaison with the doctors and hospital staff abroad and at home, as well as family or anyone else you designate.


Dr. Gokul "Krishna" Gokani

Retired surgeon, he has founded and directed hospitals in Africa and India. He was Senior Resident at the ENT unit at the Royal United hospital in Bath, England. He was Senior Resident in Orthopedic surgery at MGM hospital in Bombay, India. He was also head ENT Surgeon at three area hospitals in Mombasa, Kenya, East Africa.

Dr. Gokani has professional colleagues in every major hospital in India as well as a broad network of family and friends to facilitate your needs.

Dr. Gokani and his wife Kumud now reside in Oregon, and travel extensively throughout the United States and the world.


Kumud Gokani

A licensed RN

Kathryn Angel

Author of Hospital Success Kit, Kathryn has been a patient advocate for 10 years as a result of the frustrating and uncompassionate treatment her husband received during his surgeries for colon cancer, which led to brain cancer due to to surgical carelessness.

Her years of service to her husband  resulted in her book. and her expertise in helping prevent others from suffering medical mistakes as her late husband did, and to navigate an often impersonal system.

Patients now more than ever need to be savvy consumers rather than dependent patients.

Degreed in wholistic nutrition and post-graduate certificates from Gujarat Ayurvedic University and Patanjali Institute of Yoga.



 Allow us to be your strength when you are weak

Allow us to be your eyes and ears when fatigue or medication
 brings brain fog, or unconsciousness.

 We will pray with you at any time and always for your timely recovery.


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