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What Is The INNER School of the Natural Order?



   Ralph De Bit, known as Vitvan, was a little known but advanced spiritual teacher (1883-1964). In the 1950’s he moved his School of the Natural Order and community of students out to the beautiful wilds of Baker NV calling it Home Farm. He passed away in 1964, and despite the enthusiasm and good will of those who carried on, there has been an elusive but steady internal decline in leadership.


   Over the period of 2010-2012, a number of devoted students left or distanced themselves from today's School of the Natural Order. These long time students believe that the years of self-appointed leadership at SNO has sadly declined into a personal tax exempt retirement village.


   In 2011-2012 a Reform movement was started, and ISNO (the INNER School of the Natural Order) was incorporated to ensure the integrity of Vitvan’s body of works was preserved unadulterated and made freely available for download, and fully searchable for scholarly study. ISNO successfully created the free Online Vitvan Archive (www.vitvan-archive.com).


   History demonstrates an inevitable part in the life of most organizations is that they decline after the Founder passes on; still, authentic students who simply tried to look the other way through this decline finally felt such betrayal they began to ask pointed questions. SNO refused to answer their questions and refused all requests for mediation.


   What ISNO offers is a fellowship of elder students dedicated to carry the vision of Vitvan forward, to mentor new students who are serious about discovery and practice of the inner work.


     The following is a summary of Vitvan’s principles:


1. You are an expression of the Power-to-be-conscious (spark of the divine is in each)

2. You are unique, & your Path of unfoldment will be designed just for you as you reverse-engineer the puzzle of yourself

3. Therefore no one can dictate your moves or that would be black magic

4. Your path will take you thru dark periods of internal inspection and upgrade, losing old parts of your persona as the Higher Reforming Power begins to stir in you. This will be messy. You will be reactive. Anyone who has been thru it should support and mentor you in a Sanctuary atmosphere.

5. You are to trust ONLY your own experience; stated otherwise, listen to your Higher Self

6. Therefore in our School, per Vitvan:  “There are no rules”

7. “Nothing is Verboten” (within the context do no harm to others)

8. “Grant Freedom and Claim it for Yourself” (after being sure you are not treading on another, then claim your own right to be directed by your own internal compass; "claim" may mean to hold your own space in the face of bullies and politically correct herd-minded people who try to exert peer pressure and undermine you behind your back)

[ANYONE who violates these fundamental axioms is NOT a representative of Vitvan’s teaching, and if in office should be removed]


The other side of the coin we offer for discussion is

What Do I Want in the School to which I belong?


1. recognition of the above essentials

2. A place where people admit they are moving outside of group-think and stop looking to outside authority to discover what is true for them

3. A place where people will SHARE their internal process and not pretend to be detached, “spiritual” “higher” but rather accept themselves in the condition they now find themselves. Open sharing of internal struggle is not a sign of weakness but of the strength of one who has faith in the Process that is working on them, rather than the idea that they are in charge thru their ego

4. A place where other students will offer support, or at least not condemnation

5. A place where you find your own way and are not threatened by others finding ways foreign to you, but instead appreciate the diversity of ALL the ways that the Divine Process has expressed Itself in this ecology of souls.


6. A place where students show sincere intellectual curiosity about the manifold ways to explore the internal process in ourselves, being focused on

a. What brings about results,

b. What works, and not clinging to dogma or a limited set of “sacred” texts.

c. Being open to new information and discovery


7. A communal spirit of co-operation and sharing in the daily tasks each according to his ability


8. If the School expresses itself in the local community it will be in support of the above essential values and the historical movement that recognizes any and every individual’s Freedom, succinctly stated as the right to own and do as you wish with your personal vehicle this Body, and the right to think and express whatsoever you choose to cultivate in your Mind, within the framework of Do No Harm to Others.


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