which means

What is Reification???

That is when is Fluid Moving Spiritual Teaching is turned into a Cult.
When "they" try to FIX the TAO into a static formalized set of rules and policies.
When "they" are a bunch of unenlightened Bozos
Who dare to impersonate the Master's
Broad Loving and Acceptance of Every State of Being
Into their scared little PC Garden Club version of Cosmos

They have declared war on the rest of us
On the Home Farm For the Rest Of Us

And there will be NO REST until they are REMOVED

You know who you are.


Marj Coffman

She who thinks editing capital letters and commas out of Vitvan has anything to do
with his patient work to wake people up from their private world dreams of Reality.
She has proven herself narrow, nasty, and unloving.


The Care Bears, Susan Wetmore and Jane Murray,
Siamese twins of PC Prohibitionism who care more about what their
Aristotelian  neighbors think about them than carrying forth the Torch of Self-Awareness.
The un-Dynamic Duo only want to fit into being a "normal" (as they proudly call themselves)
instead of being leaders in the historical quest for individual  FREEDOM


Pat Murray, convicted felon, fraud architect, & the unempathic spiritual husband to
the Hive Queen Marjorie Coffman

Lynne "Jabba the Hoff" Hoffman, newest clone to the
Dead Zombie's Club

And finally, bringing up the rear in the race for last place in "leadership"
and first place in bootlicking,
unquestioning obeisance to the status quo,
& chief drones in service to the Hive Queen

Homer and Gomer of the dead and defunct SNO of Colorado

And in a footnote in an undernote to a postscript,
loose cannon and self-appointed "enforcer"
the brain damaged prince of "rattle rattle"
Dan Half-Awake


updated Nov 1, 2012