History of the SNO.org website


In 2000 I moved back  to Home Farm, having left in 1973 when Anita was at the helm,
expecting it to be somewhat the same. But it was not so..

While there SNO webmaster Pat Murray was happy to have me volunteer
to develop the SNO site from its Plain Jane look and flesh it out.

Here is the site under Pat Murray.


In 2001 my upgrade went online


A variant of the home page in 2007 as the site grew
2008-9 it reached its zenith
When Lynne took over her love of Excel and making lists
was the only way she knew to express herself

Finally, by 2015, Lynne's unimaginative box style has multiplied into
an ungainly, out-of-balance mess.
NOTE how the School Logo is now distorted
(reflecting what this Board has done to the heart of Vitvan's Teaching)
and no one apparently can see it or bother to correct it!

Loss of artistry, distortion, going backwards,
and the inability to think outside of the boxes..

This sums up today's SNO and the retro Cult at Home Farm

Luckily much of my original work remains