Poems and Pensees

Time Binder Blues

Time is a river that’s flooding
oer its banks as it pours through my brain
and I sleep in the bed my ancestors
bequeathed me along with my name

By the time I awoke in my anguish
the damage had already been done
it was too late to go back to nature
and the father’s woes sets on the son


Now I wish that I weren’t a time binder
cuz livin’ in the past is no good
I’d rather just be in the present
instead of the would and the should

Now I prayed to the Buddha and Jesus
and I OM’ed like a dog at the moon
but the sad truth is that I’m a human
payin’ rent in history’s dusty old rooms

O the bindweed so pretty its flowers
while it strangles the trees in its skeins
like the voices I hear of my forebears
and their screaming & pain in my veins

Yes I fought in the wars for old Allah
for Empire, and Right, and for Oil
and I burned all the books that I hated
for my tribe, and my school and my Soil

Now History I’d say is a serpent
and Memory a strangling ol’ snake
and the weed and the wine,
and the prayers and the cryin’
can’t put back the apple you take.


When I Look Out Upon the World

When I look out upon the World that quivers on His Breath
At multitudes of whirlwind wisps in gowns of thought arrayed
I hear the knelling of the Lord that endeth all in death
And see the cycle of the soul, illusory parade.

Oh we went out from Father’s house, and wandered far and wide
And Mother Moon in sweet wet arms inpulled us in Her tide.
Then God turned in, a tight’ning spring and curled within the seed
And from this Fall the All-in-All was locked like song in reed.

The Seneschal upon the floor his sprouting wand now strikes
And waking all across the land spring thousands in his like;
The roof of earth is falling down, green Samson breaks his cage
And fire storms of solar waves burst out in verdant rage.

With Word the Lord this world doth ring like a mighty Bell
That stirs all seeds up in their crypts, to resurrect from Hell---
For what means Hell but Fire locked in endosperm of earth
Where those who fell within its spell, are planted to Rebirth.

In Generation go these souls, these diasporic tribes
In trees of dark’ning blood that inks the begats of the scribes.
But come YOU out to follow home the Angel’s sounding horn
Unbind Ulysses from the mast of the unknowingly reborn.

Regenerate and seal your Vase, then circulate the Light
‘Til eternal golden flowers rise, of ancient Adamite.
What was once One is now again, Its tumult at a cease
And in this Water take your rest, refresh’d in sweetest Peace.

From A Great Height

From a great height the world seems covered with snow
cold crystalline Word in a world without sound

From a great height fall the tears of the Rays
onto my arctic solitude of Heart.

Tearful eyes bowed down in gratitude
in the bittersweet death of desire
on me falls the scalpel of thy manna

What sages a Salt of Albion call,
is no Salt of the earth, friend, at all,
but see you now, a Snow
a Water from so high
it is the clear bloode of Angels,
a fire so exaulted it moveth not.

Darkened Earth

From darkened earth
A wind doth rise
The distant call of crows, their cries:
<<The Heavens Wheel>>

And when I burst into your room
Your heart will break
When I the tomb

Make way the path upon your friends
All are stitched in circling rends
And on the anvil of your kind
I will restore your two-torn mind

The Child aborns, the fire falls
Your prayer is heard
Your heartbroke calls
No bargain made can bind the Lord
Kneel down beloved,

Hear and Gnow

tender dew fuses in running litany
along the eucalyptus leaves
hanging like frozen flocks of swallows

This is the night the wind blew open my heart
a silence so devastating
that it spoke
so little
that I listened

and heard
yea, nothing


I live in Water’s ancient mind
A bulrush swaddled child in time
Along the amniotic Nile
From the Godhead waters
Of Her smile.

Oannes fisher child exiled
I AM-nesiatic in the Lethe-al wild
Deserted vision, angled boxes,
Mislead by serpents
Bred by foxes

You Seraphim at the gardens’ gate
Frightful visions, now abate
See there’s the ancient Mother’s flow
Memoried water
Starlit snow
A vast clear space in which I know

That I am dancer, on tombs I toe
Birthed in blood, and then departeth so
I burst the seed and seize the sky
Then drop the cloak and let it die

And for this dried out crust of skin
It falls to dust to rise again
Across the Waters, in the Sea
Once curled a wave that I called me.


The Body of the World is One
& Souls the bubbling ferment therein
But All is One unfolding Mass
Which shuttered Mind can ne’er compass
Instead confetti it makes be seen
With colors, shapes, and space between
Believe me Loved One, All is flame
Of One Body, Soul, & Name.

Lord Kelsey’s Lament

Lord Kelsey lay upon his cot
suffused in dreams of light
And saw her eyes above the stars
illuminate the night.

A vision strange of serpents four
Wise Nagas of their Race
And as they turn’d Heav’n did bown down
to kiss the Earth’s upturned face.

There lives his bonny loved for lass
in a wren’s cot in the sky
On a stone tur built by snakes of old
Beneath the wild hawk’s cry.

Now raised he up, & clothed in hopes
he travelled leagues and miles
His heart a cup to offer her
To be filled by her smiles.

Now stands Lord Kelsey in the sleet
Beneath the iron day
And sees his dream was made of fog
that, curling, vapours up away.

Her smiles have turned to wisps of smoke
Her arms to the stuff of sleep
And while Heaven turned away from Earth
Lord Kelsey heard the lone hawk weep.

(Written upon travelling to see Vijali and finding her gone.)
16 Feb 1986

What am I That has been since Adam was
Halifax the Holy Torch
And What art Thou That has been since Eve was
Halifax the Holy Torch
And What That swells
The Holy Blood
And What That Quenches
The Holy Water Good
And What the Mountain with two streams
And Who is Janus of two dreams
And What is That which Comes yet Goes
And Whom is That the Lover knows
Halifax----the Holy Torch