"Here truth lies veiled under two distinct images, those of the oak and the ram, which, as I have just been saying, represent one and the same thing under two different aspects. Indeed, the oak has been taken by the ancient authors to indicate the common name of their initial subject as it is found in the mine. It is by means of an approximation corresponding to the oak that the Philosophers inform us about this matter"  ---Fulcanelli
The philosophers always tell us to follow nature and work with SPERMATIC MATTERS. That the subject is before the eyes of the world and yet is despised by all. Do you imagine that the world despises acorns, various minerals, and all the exotic subjects you project your convoluted thoughts into?
The original Androgyne or Celestial Rebis expresses Itself as TWO matters, yet both the same at Root: Oak & Ram.
The Oak (and all its derivative puns, hollow oak, wine barrel, oak stave, bladder...) refer to a VISUAL PUN on the part of the alchemists. What does GLANS mean in Latin?

You handle it daily. It produces two waters that do not wet the hands. One the UR contains the Salamander, the OR or UR-gold that is the Fountain of all Forms. The other is a milky water. Let it stand overnight and the serpents of specification will fall to the bottom, leaving the hidden womb, the Verdant Water of Venus, goddess of Desire. This is the raw Green Lion, gold in an immature state.

This is the Emerald Tablet, the Water upon which the Spirit moved, creating waveform serpents with the Breath of the Word. Christ means "anointing oil," which is to say "spermatic matter" (vide Allegro) the Seed, the Son, of the Logos. Here sleeps the Child in its manger.
It is the Tantric Ocean of Desire of the Androgyne that creates the worlds. This stirring is from Our Secret Fire. Our sacred water of Venus is represented by the Pilgrim's Shell; our Mercury is called the Pilgrim.

The pilgrim carries his CALABASH holding the Green Water of Life, called Eve. Now do you see your Oak?

If you are still not clear where this Green VITRIOL "comes" from look carefully below
to see the Ancient of Days emerging between the legs



The whole Art is called Hermetic, whose meaning is conveyed by Mer-C-UR, the Ur Ocean of Light

and what is a HERM?

Now that you know this Immature Green Lion, it must be fed more Fire so that it can break the Bonds of Form

Where is this Hidden Fire of Desire? See what Fulcanelli says of SALAMANDER and you will know
who the White Unicorn is.

If this Water is our Eve, then where is our Adam, the other half of the Rebis?