An Initiates Understanding of the Kiste Mystica

 As stated by Fulcanelli on the splash page, "the basket of Bacchus, called cista, which was carried by the Cistophors in the Bacchanalian processions and 'in which', Fr. Noel tells us, 'the most mysterious thing was shut up'."

That is to say, the revelation the initiate had in the vision of the Mysteries, was encoded as this image of a woven basket, often with snakes poking out, sometimes with the lid ajar but the contents shrouded from the view of the un-initiated. It was a vision of Nature, or Magna Mater, the Goddess who is mother to us all, in whose body we are formed, whose body is the Great Ocean of differentiating waves of which each of us (our vestures) are woven, each part of the Grand Tapestry.

Alchemy is the applied understanding of the Philosopher who attempts to reverse-engineer the steps the Mother passes through as She manifests Cosmos, level by level. A "philo-sopher" is more than a "lover of wisdom" for Wisdom is the carnal knowledge of Her, knowing by conjunction with the pulsations of Her body, and while a mental "philosopher" may love knowledge, description, and thusly a symbolical mentalization of Her; the philosopher as Companion and Consort to Her is the "lover of Sophia" the Feminine Magna Mater. He knows by touch of Her.

Such a philosopher once seeing the Descent of the Wave Forms of Her Body as they weave into the multiplicity of Life expressed as Nature, sees that there is a Prime Substance, or Prima Materia at Her Root, which underlies all the descendent forms. This matter is the Subject he seeks, undifferentiated. It's residue, or even some fraction of it, remains hidden now under the woven vesture of each differentiated bodily form, each Species. If it can be captured, the testimony of the alchemists is that IT can be developed in a flask, on this level, in this world, into a bodily form unique, called the Stone of the Philosophers. Being manifested undifferentiated substance, it embodies the original FIAT, the Prime Desire and Urge to come into Being and Becoming. As a medicine then, it can refresh and regenerate the vitality of each body, as the sap of a tree feeds each branching, leaf, bud, flower, fruit, and seed.

The Initiate in the Mysteries, having drunk the mixed entheogenic wine, or eaten the Shew Bread, has it revealed directly that he/she is woven of the substance of the Magna Mater, Natura Naturans, and indeed is within Her body yet, not separate, but moving within Her being. It is only  a change of gendered words that shows the same was revealed in the ESO-teric Xtian Mysteries For we live and have our being within Him, Christ be with us, the Father's Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven.

Here is an account from the initiate known as Iasos.

Thus the Revelation is of two aspects: 1)there is/was an Urge/FIAT on the part of the Godhead to come into Being/Becoming, and then 2) the Word of the Fiat uttered is as sound, causing waveforms and patterns to organize the Body of God, which is called Mother Substance. One Substance with One Urge, a male-female androgyny that differentiates Itself.

The Urge or Power, or Fiat, is encoded in the Cista as the hidden serpent power, or the hidden Light which may glow from the basket. The basket itself represents the body that is woven from the waveforms. It is the container for the Fiat. Every seed is thus a cista. This basic pattern is the root algorithm of the Sacred Geometry of the Fractal Cosmos.

Once you understand "woven basket" or even "container" to mean Mother's outer forms and bodies, and that Mother is the Ocean of All Wave Frequencies, then other pre-scientific "poetic" imagery is decoded. Think of baby Moses, in a basket, floating on the waters. The baby is that Urge, which we call Christos, which fecundates the Mother water and weaves it into a bodily container.

The study of the Weaving is called Sacred Geometry. We may yet share our commentary on the diagrammatic representations of the Process for the insights they will give, but for now we feel called to pause regarding the Jewel In the Grail Lotus