Visions of the Soul


Artist's Statement


Welcome to Visions of the Soul...

 A number of years ago, when I was producing landscape paintings, I became interested in 'presence'. For me, this idea conjures up profound spiritual feelings and memories with regard to certain special places and times of day. I think of Nature, of twilight in particular, of being in a cozy, natural, closed-in space with brilliant light streaming through leaves. I felt that the way to presence in a painting was through brilliant light, inspiring spiritual upliftment in the mind and heart of the viewer.

 As I began to experiment and branch out from landscapes to energetic drawings in graphite to mandalas on black paper, raising the consciousness of the viewer in a profound way became more and more important to me. Making art about my spiritual path and my subsequent discoveries became paramount. I felt that I could help people open to their own spirituality through my work. And I felt that this could be very healing and very sacred.

 In 1995, when my son and I were visiting our cousins in Berkeley, a close friend of mine gave me a psychic reading. She told me about several different lifetimes where I was solitary most of the time. There was one particular lifetime that she couldn't place on Earth's timeline. She could see me by a deep pool of water, in a dark woods, with light filtering down from above, practicing some kind of magic. She said I was like a sorceress, that I lived alone, but came out of the woods to socialize occasionally...She said that the pool represented the depths of my soul.

 When flying home, we were going into our descent and it was very bumpy and a bit scary. Since my son was asleep, I was able to close my eyes and meditate. I pictured myself in that place in the woods. It was beautiful, peaceful, and comforting...I walked over to the pool of water. Spontaneously, I reached into my pocket and threw pink rose petals over the water...As soon as the petals softly touched the surface, at that exact moment, the plane touched ground! My eyelids flew open and I was sitting there in total amazement!

 After this experience, I went back to this place in my mind's eye and I began to design the landscape, so that it would be my ideal sanctuary. When I waded in the water and floated, I had beautiful, luminous experiences. At some point, since a friend of mine was having problems with an illness, I asked her Higher Self for permission to come to my perfect place. I intuitively felt that I could give her some kind of healing by taking her into the water. I treated this visualization as sacred and prayed in deep gratitude for the healing at the end. Afterwards, I wrote down my experience and shared it with her. She loved it and felt comforted by it.

 This was the first time that I felt I connected with another person's Higher Self. I felt that our Higher Selves were working in concert with the Divine. I performed more "healings" for people in this way, simply recording what I saw in my mind's eye. One time, the father of a very close friend of mine, died. I told her that I would ask her father to appear in my landscape. The experience was profound and I was inspired to make a small mandala based on my vision. It was simple and beautiful and my friend found the whole experience,...of reading my vision and then seeing the art, very comforting.

 I found that the more visions and mandalas I did for people, the better I became at channeling information for them. And not only were the mandalas personal, many of them were also universal, about universal truths. The information seemed to be coming directly from the Source, and I trusted this more and more.

 Last year, I began to make angel paintings. The first ones were partly for myself and partly for the new healing wing of a nearby hospital...I soon realized, though, that I could make them specifically for people and channel their angels. At first, I decided to focus on the angel of a person's business. I had read awhile back that whenever there is a group of people working together, a deva comes into being for that group as a result. As I worked on these pieces, I found that I could basically ask for whatever angel to come through that would be for the person's best and highest good. I make these paintings with acrylic and lots of water and salt on canvas. After this process, I let the painting dry and I gaze at it, looking for the angel or angels. Once a figure emerges for me, I refine it with more painting and drawing with colored pencil.