For Nicole

Vision for Nicole

 I asked permission from Nicole's Higher Self for her to come to my sanctuary for healing and upliftment. She appeared under the tree with the light wearing a long gown; medium brown at the top and softly moving from orange to red towards the bottom. I was wearing a pink and green chiffon gown. We were very glad to see each other and we hugged. We started to walk arm in arm when Nicole began to "oooooo" and "ahhhhh" and "ohhhhh" over the beauty of the landscape. It was sunny and warm, the soft moss warm under our feet. Birds were singing and the brilliant light filtered down through the trees in the woods. She noticed the snow-capped mountain in the near distance and pool of water we were slowly moving towards. Since Nicole knows all about my special pool, she asked if she could go right in, she was so excited! I suggested that we contact her Higher Self first.

We knelt and raised our hands. I asked for blessings to be showered on Nicole for her mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and upliftment. I asked that she be filled with energy and inspiration. I looked at her and she was actually sparkling --- little bright lights sparking off her skin and gown all over! I said she could move into the water. As she was wading in, she grabbed my hand and pulled me in, too. We stood facing each other, twisting together like two vines. We kept growing and twisting straight up and very high. At some point, we put our arms around each other, partly because we were a little afraid!

Finally, we stopped growing and there we were --- extremely tall and twisted together! We looked at each other and we slipped down very quickly, inside our stretched clothes, and slid around and around all the way back down the twisted column. At the same time, it was moving apart, looking more and more like DNA, even forming the ladder in between the twisting columns. Nicole and I shot out the bottom, both naked, way down underwater. Breathing is no problem under the water in my pool. We stayed there, treading water, while beautiful, glowing fish and water nymphs clothed us in hundreds of filmy green and white sheets of something --- partially transparent. When we were dressed, we climbed up the DNA ladder to the surface of the water.

I opted to get out, while Nicole continued to climb. When she was part way up, dark clouds moved in and sheets of water splashed down over her as she was climbing. Lightening hit the DNA column and lit it up, including Nicole, but she continued to climb, regardless. When she reached the top, hundreds of white birds descended (possibly doves) and picked her up and carried her way, way up high. A kind of star shaped by the birds formed under her and the whole thing moved around quickly in figure eights. Eventually, the birds brought her back down to the water, the DNA ladder having disappeard. A large white lotus formed around her and the petals came up and around her, enclosing her softly. They opened up again and many lotuses began to multiply quickly under and around her. Two angels flew down to her. One was behind her and he put his hands on either side of her face. The other one knelt in front of her and he put her hands together in the form of prayer, keeping his hands around hers. She looked so very serene, with her eyes closed.

The angels disappeared and I knew to climb up onto Nicole's lap and we hugged each other. It was very moving and profound and I could feel myself staring to cry. We got up and out of the water and hugged again. I asked for any images or symbols to appear with the lotuses. A big shape made up of figure eights appeared, dotted with the flowers. On top of that were two intersecting circles, forming a vesica piscis. Nicole and I knelt and gave thanks to both our Higher Selves for this amazing experience. We held hands and walked and ran back to the tree with the light. Nicole was surrounded by lotuses and white birds as she disappeared. She was ecstatic!

Love, Julia                                                                                 April 3, 2003