My angel paintings are, watery, ethereal visions of sometimes delicate, sometimes powerful and wonderful beings from higher realms. I was told by a psychic that these beings are very happy that I am bringing them through onto canvas. They are one of a kind commissions. I discuss with my client what kind of angel they would like for me to channel: guardian angel, their angel for work/business, or even a favorite archangel.

I have found that whatever emerges is perfect for my client, eliciting deep emotional responses and profound spiritual feelings.

I use acrylic and lots of water and salt on canvas. After letting the initial stage dry, I gaze at the piece until I begin to see a face or figure. Sometimes the figures are faint, sometimes they are very obvious, but always there are other beings in the watery texture. I use more paint and colored pencil to refine the major figure or figures. The designs are always, amazingly, naturally composed and I simply work to bring everything forth.

These dreamy paintings are perfect for spiritual contemplation and emotional comfort, beautiful and colorful additions to one's home or office.

These are samples in the Angel Series by Julia. Please click on a thumbnail to see a larger version.

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