For Anais

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Vision for Anais

    I asked permission from Anais' Higher Self for her to come to my sanctuary for this healing ritual. I know I had permission, because when I arrived, she was already there! She was dressed in a beautiful simple, pearlescent gray gown. I was wearing bright yellow. We hugged and she obviously enjoyed being in this landscape. We were barefoot, walking on warm, spongy green moss while noticing the woods and the light filtering through them.

    When I looked up at my snow-capped mountain, I saw that there were several soft cloud rings around the peak. We moved towards the pool of water...There is a brick wall surrounding the back with a lion's head fountain in it, with water pouring out of its mouth. There is a small hill above the wall in which grow three sacred trees --- hazel, oak, and willow. We knelt and I lifted my arms and asked for blessings to be showered on Anais from her Higher Self, from the Divine. I specifically asked for her to know whatever is for her highest good, especially concerning whether or not she needs to be in a relationship during this lifetime and to know more about her novel. I asked for her emotional and spiritual healing.

    I guided Anais into the water and had her float. I got out to observe. Immediately, light shot down from above, right into her third chakra. It came back out in a long series of loops, as if the light was cleansing this chakra. Eventually, Anais rose up out of the water on one of the loops of light and floated and moved around on it. She moved continually and rode several of these loops, until she was floating on the water again. Then a kind of arch of light descended from above and hovered over her. As it descended, it created a tunnel of light, through which Anais floated. She moved up through this tunnel...

    Meanwhile, a gigantic arch formed over the pool of water and she rose to the very top of it and grabbed it, hanging on and just sort of dangling there. At this point, large sheets of light floated down from above, one by one, moved under her and wrapped around her. Each one tied itself, or twisted up and made it look like she was being wrapped as a gift. There were many sheets of light that wrapped around her, like delicate netting. Anais, as a gift, floated gently back down onto the surface of the water. I could see that inside, there was a brilliant light. Finally, each light layer unwrapped itself slowly, opening like a flower...The last one opened and Anais was glowing and her gown had changed to a lavender color. Then she grew quite tall (like Alice in Wonderland!). I didn't know when she was going to stop growing, then the process reversed itself and she shrunk back down to normal size.

    She sat down on the last sheet of light on the water and I saw that she had a glowing ball of light in her hands. She began to play with it, molding it, separating it, until she had made a kind of three-dimensional star. It had a glowing sphere-like center with all these pointy shapes sticking out from it. She tossed it up high and it ascended. A huge hand came down toward it with a pin and poked it. It burst and Anais was showered with a beautiful, sparkling soft mist...She laid back down and rested for a minute, then came out.

    I asked for any further symbols to appear on the water. An arch appeared, with a brilliant, shining ball of light, toward the top of the arch. It shined through on both sides. The ball of light transformed itself into a heart. Anais and I both knelt, raised our hands and gave thanks for her experience. We hugged and walked back to the tree with the light. We hugged again, I stood back, and she disappeared.