For Maria
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Vision for Maria

    I asked permission from Maria's Higher Self to perform this visualization for her. I asked for her healing and spiritual upliftment, along with blessings from the Divine. Maria appeared under the tree with the light, smiling and wearing a beautiful white gown with fabric calla lilies. It was a long wrap-around dress and the flowers outlined the neckline. I was wearing a glowing purple gown. We hugged, glad for her to be in my sanctuary. Maria loves the landscape: woods, snow-capped mountain, soft green moss underfoot, and sunny blue sky with puffy clouds. We walked barefoot to my sacred pool, which has a brick wall around the back and a lion's head with water pouring out of its mouth.

    There is a little hill above the wall, out of which grows three sacred trees: hazel, oak, and willow. We knelt and raised up our arms. I asked for whatever would happen to be for Maria's highest good. I turned towards her and we began to move our hands back and forth in a flowing way, playing. Filmy shapes appeared in her hair; they were white. Suddenly, Maria was holding her "singing bowl" and making that wonderful, deep sound.

    Then we waded into the water together and ducked underneath, playing with our hands again; this time like mermaids! We were having fun! We surfaced and I got out to watch. Maria laid back, floating on the water. She dove backwards into the water from that position, and underwater. Then she shot out of the water, straight up. A huge bubble formed under her. She began to "fly" around the bubble, with one arm attached to it for support, spiraling down and around it. When she reached the bottom, she went inside it and stood in the center. She raised her arms and again, shot straight up and stood on top of it. A fountain of water grew up out of the pool, up, through the center of the bubble under Maria and flowed as light over the outside of it. Maria continued to ascend as new bubbles formed, progressively smaller until she was quite high. Each one had a fountain of light inside it, coming up and flowing down outside it. Maria raised her arms up again and brilliant light descended from the sky, down her arms and legs and and all around the outsides of the bubbles, straight down on all sides. She formed an "X" of light at the top.

    After being there for a while and seemingly acting as a conduit for this brilliant light, she sat down and began to slide down the outsides of the bubbles, spiraling all the way back down to the surface of the water, like a ride in an amusement park --- she was laughing joyously! When she was back down, the bubbles burst and all this lovely sparkling mist fell down all around her. She wanted me to come in, so I did and we enjoyed it together --- very nice...It felt cool and refreshing. Finally, we got out and I asked for any other images to appear. Basically, I saw bubbles with an "X" on top, with a ring of callas around it. When Maria disappeared, there was a circle over her head.

With love, Julia April 28, 2002