For Vicki
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Vision for Vicki

     I asked Vicki's Higher Self for permission to come to my inner sanctuary for healing. She appeared under the tree that has light streaming down from above. Vicki was wearing a gorgeous cream colored gown, long with long bell sleeves. It had long, thin silky braided fringe all over it and it was dotted with tiny shaped mirrors and sparkles. I was wearing a soft blue long gown. Vicki smiled and we hugged in greeting. She looked around, enjoying the beautiful landscape: sunlit woods, green moss in a large clearing under our bare feet, and a snow-capped mountain in the near distance.

    There were big puffy clouds in the sky and one of these clouds descended, enveloping us in warm mist. We faced each other, joining hands. The mist retreated just enough to form a sphere around us. Our hands still joined, we raised them, straightening our arms. The mist then dissolved into tiny sparkles of light. I led Vicki over to my sacred pool. There is a brick wall surrounding the back of the pool with a lion's head fountain. Above, there is a small hill with three sacred trees: hazel, oak, and willow. I knelt and asked for Vicki's mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical (if necessary) healing and for blessings to be showered upon her; whatever would be for her highest good. Mist left over from our previous experience moved over the surface of the pool, creating a soft, mysterious, subtly sparkling environment. I asked her to wade into the water and float on her back, which is easy in this warm pool.

    Due to the creaminess of the mist, I could barely see Vicki. I noticed, though, that she spread her arms and legs, then lifted them up so that her hands and feet touched just over the center of her body forming a human pyramid. A beam of light came out of the central point, up a foot or so, then divided into four lines, surrounding her in a pyramid of light. Again, out of the central point of this new pyramid, a beam of light came up and out of the central point, divided and created another pyramid, slightly larger than the first...This happened five more times, surrounding Vicki in seven pyramids of light. Slowly, these pyramids shifted and intersected forming a new interlocking three-dimensional volume, with Vicki still in the center, although by this time, she was standing. This volume began to move, slowly rolling across the surface of the water, making a meandering course around the clearing, up to, but not into the woods, all around and back to the center of the pool. Then each point of this volume began to shine brightly, until they finally sent out showers of light like sparklers. Vicki's dress lifted at the bottom, as if being pulled up by four or five invisible threads...

     There were countless layers of chiffon that were pulled up one by one, over her head, joining above her head, so that finally she looked like she was in a soft, loose, silky cocoon. Meanwhile, a stream of shining eyes descended from above and through the top of the volume. They attached themselves to each point of the volume, so that the sparkling effect then came through each eye. The cocoon around Vicki then loosened and each veil of chiffon came undone, billowing and flowing out and down around her. An eye appeared in her sixth chakra and it too began to send forth sparkling light. Eventually, all this faded, leaving Vicki standing on the water. She laid back down to float again and the surface of the pool rolled, gently rocking her. After a while, she came out of the water, smiling. I asked for any other images to appear on the surface of the pool. The volume appeared, but more as a flat, geometric shape, based on the number seven. The sparkling lights appeared at the points, with a bluish cast. A layered cocoon appeared in the center, with soft, undulating shapes flowing down and off of it. We knelt and prayed in deep gratitude for Vicki's experience. We got up, hugged, and I walked her to the tree with the light...She stood under it and disappeared, smiling, with a blue light all around her.

Love, Julia September 16, 2002