For Anna
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Vision for Anna

    I asked permission from Anna's Higher Self to perform this healing for her in my sanctuary. Permission was granted because Anna appeared under the tree with the light. She was wearing a light blue gown and had a light, like a flame, over her head. I was wearing a green gown and I had an emerald on a chain around my neck. As I looked at Anna, I noticed that her aura was appearing and it was all brilliant white. She was smiling and we hugged, then held hands as we walked toward my sacred pool...

    She loved the landscape: woods, brilliant sunshine, a tall snow-capped mountain in the near distance, and warm moss underfoot. We stopped by the edge of the pool which has a brick wall around the back with a lion's head pouring water out of its mouth. Above that is a small hill on top of which grow my three sacred trees: hazel, oak, and willow. We knelt and raised our hands. I asked for Anna's healing for her highest good, her spiritual upliftment, and for blessings. As I brought my hands down, I realized I was holding a ball of light; Anna was, too. We put them together and it shot up high in the sky. Something like a rain of light misted down on us --- it was beautiful.

    Smiling and enjoying that, Anna waded into the water and laid back to float. Immediately, her aura became intense, around her in the water, like white flames. The flames of light rose up, so they were like pieces or sheets of light floating up above her, or like flying birds. The light grew and thickened underneath her, also. She was rising on this bed of light, while the lights above her multiplied and also rose, until she was quite high, and on a kind of pyramid-like platform. I just remembered that the light, at some point, both above and below her, began to spiral, so that she was in the middle of two spirals, one ascending and one descending. Anna began to slowly turn, then began to spin faster and faster until she was almost a blur.

    Eventually, she stopped. An enormous face came down out of the sky and gently kissed her on top of the head. The face looked female. As the face hovered just above her, tears from this being spilled down upon her, completely washing over her, beautiful single, glistening teardrops. It was a purification. At this point, it looked like Anna was standing on the top of a stepped pyramid. It slowly descended back into the water. Anna was crying and she laid back down and floated on the water again.

    I asked if there would be anything else while she was still in the water. A subtle image of lips formed under her head...then disappeared. She came up out of the water, and then I asked if there were any other images or symbols for her. A triangle appeared in a circle. We hugged and held hands. We raised up our held hands and free hands and gave thanks for Anna's blessing and healing. We walked back to the tree and she disappeared with her aura around her. Her aura remained for a second, then it too disappeared.

With love, Julia May 3, 2002