For Diane
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Vision for Diane

    I asked for permission from Diane's Higher Self to bring her to my sanctuary for healing. Permission was granted because Diane arrived under the tree with the light soon after I did. I was wearing a long lime green gown and Diane looked like a Fairy princess in a long, white flowing chiffon gown with long bell sleeves. We hugged and she put her hands on either side of my face, so I put my hands on her face...It seemed to be a special kind of greeting. We turned, held hands and walked barefoot over soft spongy warm moss to my sacred pool.

     Diane enjoyed the beautiful, serene landscape: woods lit from above by the sun and a tall snow-capped mountain in the near distance. There was a wonderful, busy symphony of bird songs...My pool of water is surrounded in back by a brick wall with a lion's head fountain inset in it. Above the wall is a little hill within which grow three sacred trees: hazel, oak, and willow.

    Diane and I lifted our hands and I asked for blessings to be showered upon her for her emotional and spiritual upliftment and healing. She entered the water and as she did so, I noticed she had a circlet on her head with sparkling clear diamonds on it here and there. She laid back to float, but very soon she dipped down under the water, performing aquatic acrobatics under there! She was really enjoying herself and finally she rose up out of the water with what looked like a castle of light all around her. The castle walls and turrets grew up all around her and she appeared to be walking up a circular staircase inside a tower. She kept walking and the tower kept rising higher and higher until she raised one arm straight up and she rose into and through the pointed cone roof until she was standing on the very tip.

    She continued to hold her hand straight up until a giant white hawk flew down to her. The hawk touched his beak to her fingers sending rays of light in all directions...Then Diane grabbed the hawk's beak and he flung her up onto his back! She hung on and he flew all around, beating his huge wings...He soared up high into the sky, all the way to the very top of the mountain and landed. I couldn't see Diane, she was too far away. Finally, the hawk took off again and flew back down to the water, landing, while Diane emerged. It was as if she had been transformed into the bird. The hawk disappeared while a ring gradually appeared around Diane...It was eight-sided, with eight jewels. She laid back on the water with the ring surrounding her. Delicate white leaves began to grow all around it.

    When it was done, Diane sat up, smiling and laughing --- she was joyous! She came out of the water and I asked for any other symbols or images to appear. Inside the circle, a spiral formed which seemed to drop down, three-dimensionally. The eye of the spiral was brilliant and shining. Lines came up out from the eye and attached to the eight jewels around the ring...Eventually, this all faded and Diane and I walked back to the tree. We hugged, she stood under it, glowing...Then she disappeared, smiling.

Love, Julia May 28, 2002