Visions of the Soul

Julia's ability to traverse the inner worlds and commune with one's Higher Self is remarkable in itself; but her skill at evoking the matrix of the soul is uncanny. She is in a class with Boehme.
--- Victor Wolf
The Jewel in the Grail Lotus

Julia is a gifted impressionist painter, and would be pleased to discuss
commissions for Landscapes, Angels, sacred art, and Personal Projects.

She is currently working on a series of Soul Mandalas, each piece
involving intense focus and contemplative communication with the client's Higher Self.  A Reading unique to her contact with each individual is included.
Please see the Mandala samples below.

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Julia Stewart is a nature sensitive
 and visionary artist whose works
are in the collections of major cosmopolitan artists, South
American shamans, reclusive poets, and art collectors worldwide.
Read her Artist's Statement

Soul Mandalas
Prismacolor pencil on black paper
12" x 12"
Current price $1500.00 each.
Contact Julia for
current quote


This is the most difficult mandala I have done to date,
with details so fine I likened it to the Forbidden Stitch
that drove Chinese embroiderers blind !
My vision of it was so complete and clear
that I had no choice but to do it right.
Still, it took me a couple of years to knuckle down,
not to mention periodic prodding by Victor !
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