Negative Field Glamour

How did things become so degenerate as they are today at Home Farm (2015) ?

Until you have lived at Home Farm, or possibly any spiritual place where once a master resided, you may not understand the mechanics of how such former beacons of Light can reverse into negative oppressive generators.

A “Master” is one who has developed to the stage wherein they transcend their configuration or personality. A higher power can flow through them.

This higher power is the underlying field in which all of us are “floating” and embedded. Like the soil of Mother Earth, from which all plants arise and draw their being, in Vitvan’s work we speak of the World Mother, or Genetrix, which is that creative level of Cosmos wherein the astrological cycles operate, each new baby body being an expression of the ever moving collective of forces which modify moment to moment.

Each of us has a prescribed part to play in an ongoing Drama. Sometimes the part is played by a more experienced actor, or sometimes perhaps a younger soul, but the actual configuration of the “body” is mapped out astrologically. Nature is unbroken and gives birth within the confines of its unfolding timelines.

A “Master” is one who has passed through many lives in these levels, or else comes in as an “avatar,” one whose incarnating force is so strong it can override the character limits and guidelines of the personality.

In any case, such a Master can find the Root of his/her self in the deeper Mother Substance, which is closer to an undifferentiated substance, and is the essential substance of Life that informs each and every one of our differentiated personalities.

This force is like a bank account. It is energy. It is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad.’ It simply ensouls each and all. As is said, “The sun shines on all equally, the good and the bad.”

A master such as Vitvan builds up reservoir of force, which we call the “Field.” People coming to his School have in the past felt an amplifying energy, they are stirred, their dreams may become vivid. When the man with the title “Vitvan” (namely Ralph) left his body and passed over, his Force Field remained, much like a Trust Fund that future students could call on and draw from.

This is why even when masters die, their physical locations can become holy places, which continue to stir up those who come later. It is as if the force were embedded into the landscape (mother substance) itself.

But we must understand what the process of being with a master is. It is to stir us up so that those elements in us which program us negatively are brought to the surface and expunged. We must all clean the lens of personality so that we might “reflect” the higher worlds in clarity, and come into co-operative alignment, finding our Dharma.

Now Vitvan has summarized this process of cleaning the lens as the “Purificatory Process” or “First Crossing.” When asked to boil this down from his usual turgid long-winded prose, he said it is essentially “bringing all the content of the subconscious up into consciousness.” (and, through reintegrating these fragmented part of ourselves, end internal discord, and return to the ‘natural order’ within outselves)

This is a tricky thing. For in our deep Shadow Self, we have repressed many aspects of our self wherein we reject who we are. Usually due to some adult telling us not to do something or be some other way when we were a child. Try to fit in. Be like everyone else.

This turns our own creative life force against us and from being expressed in this lifetime in this personality.

All of that must be undone to clean the lens.

But bringing up such explosive reactive suppressed content is messy. We need a guide. When a man like Vitvan was around, not only did his frequency and force stir us and bring up the hidden content, so we might see the “jackals and peacocks” of our instinctual forces; but also, his energy could ameliorate this negativity so we wouldn’t poison the community and group.

Once Vitvan had left his School, his Field continued to “cook the frogs” and bubble up the negative in each person. BUT, without someone at a higher level who could process this garbage, it continued to accumulate.

By the time we get to the year 2000, the collective garbage from people who ran the place like Coffman, Wetmore, the Murrays, etc., people who DID NOT really do the inner work of dealing with repressed negativity, but who only do mental masturbation in putting on a good face, saying the right things, trying to act ‘spiritual’ by which they mean posturing as being somehow in-the-know, and mechanical repetition of liturgy; by that time their collective negativity which was released by the neutral amplifying Field energy, had built up to such a state that the collective negativity (“my way or no way” Coffman) has now become a Negative Force.

Their own unexpurgated imps have taken over Home Farm, while they, zombie like, are oblivious to the repressive pall they cast. Come for a week to a smiley face seminar when they are on good behavior, you might not notice it. Live there for some time and you will feel the cancer eating at the School’s entrails.


“Mesmerism, hypnotism, mental domination--in short, any practice which influences another against his human will or desire or against the law of his being--is a step on the Lefthand Path, the path of black magic.” Vitvan.

That is when you impose your values and ideas of how another must develop. You repress others who are exploring their dharma. This is the current state of affairs at Home Farm. We even know from witnesses who were there that both Lynne Hoffman and Susan Wetmore checked out many books from the library on Black Magic. Now WHY would someone who grants freedom and honors each soul’s path study a subject used to CONTROL others? Could it be they have the need to “be in charge” and don’t trust the Process which unfolds differently and individually in each?

“Trust only your own experience.” Vitvan
“Grant Freedom and claim it for yourself” Vitvan

"Not on my watch...It's my way or the highway"  St. Marj of the Church of Narrow Construction

So what we have found is that these people who do not have the tools or integrity to do the inner exploration and purification in themselves, now constitute and are themselves controlled by a Negative Field. They have no respect for the Process inasmuch as they know little of it themselves. They are using the neutral energy bequeathed all by Vitvan to dominate others. And they don’t even know it.

Thus there is now a Dark Spell or Negative Glamour which will slowly entangle those who stay there. It will pray upon your own negativity, and you have two choices:

1) stay there and be subsumed into this low level version of a ‘spiritual’ School
2) wake up, feel the Urge, find your true heart, feel the Higher Power... and then leave.

Looking back, we find the interesting phenomena that many who lived there for years became slowly oppressed by this growing Negativity, like being stuck to a Tar Baby. They remembered when it was uplifting to be at Home Farm and so continued somewhat unconsciously to remain associated. When it came time to leave as they realized how Home Farm no longer lived up to Vitvan’s Principles, many were apparently fearful to speak out, and have needed to go through a period of recovery from the psychological abuse.

Breaking this Glamour has been the principle inner work those affinitized to ISNO have done. It has been a fight against forces, with psychic attacks, and the necessity to call on the Blessed Ones, the Vitvan Field, and to become disentangled with old ideas and associations with Home Farm. Home Farm no longer represents the liberating energy and force that Vitvan was pointing us to find in ourselves. It is now a Cult based up fitting into Collective Think. Where once it was said that the individual was who made things happen, under the Hoffman-Coffman-Wetmore period of Degeneration, all is run by Committee (so that the Cult Core can control all).

For this reason, until these Cultists are gone or out of control, SNO can no longer be seen by any awake soul as representing the essence of Vitvan. They serve no more purpose than a Dick and Jane book for beginners.

When a higher energy field activates you, you will become a disturbance to the “harmony” (Cult think) at SNO, and they will drive you out. One by one students advancing in their inner work have been pushed out. As things stand now, there is now room at SNO Home Farm for higher level work.

Besides that “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

Those who prize the world of appearances or belonging to a “Cool Cult” will always gravitate and join in with the Smug Club at Home Farm. This is a necessary baby stage to go through, but it is lamentable that a once high energy Field such as Vitvan’s is now petering out in the unable hands of sophists and pretenders.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi