Flower of Life Activated Field at SNO Jan 13, 2013 updated


How this project came about is the story of Jim following inner promptings without full understanding, and now finding at the end of story one year later, a conclusion coming into focus.


First we visit the idea of the so-called Flower of Life (FOL), heavily promoted by one Drunvalo Melchiziedec, to whom I was never particularly attracted.  But the theme began to crop up in other places and I was drawn in.


First Richard Hoagland pointing out that the Star Tetrahedron inscribed in a sphere is a model of hyperspace, that 19.4 degrees north or south of the equator are “power points” where the Vacuum bleeds into our dimension. Two dimensionally this is depicted as Solomon’s Seal


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Nassim Haramein took it to the next level when he showed that a set of 64 star tetrahedrons nested together formed an object where all the vectors were in perfect balance or equilibrium, and which was the Mother form in which all of the Platonic solids were generated, and satisfied the conditions for the most solid and fundamental form which Buckminster Fuller was looking for, and called the Vector Equilibrium.


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Nassim concludes that this is the structure of the Vacuum, or Plenum, or Unified Field as it is the mother generator of the children forms, but due to all of its force vectors being perfectly balanced and in equilibrium, it appears as Emptiness, as No Form.


If you have not viewed Nassim’s Black Whole, or extended version called Crossing the Event Horizon, they are on youtube or can be found on torrent sites.


Suffice it to say that the TWO dimensional representation of this 64 based structure is the Flower of Life. The Tree of Life is also contained within it rotated thru many angles when shown THREE dimensionally.


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The FOL is therefore the fundamental structure of Reality, or what we call the Vacuum. Ancient advanced cultures have depicted this repeatedly, just go to images.google.com and do a search. It is a TWO dimensional depiction of Hyperspace and reveals the advanced physics they were aware of and which we are only now coming to realize.


For instance, the guardian Foo dogs at the entrance of the Chinese Forbidden City, which is the Emperor’s residence representing the center of Cosmos stand with their foot upon a sphere on which the FOL is seen. Likewise at one of the oldest temples of Osiris in Egypt the FOL is found “burnt” into the stone, as if by a laser, not chiseled in.


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In Vitvan’s terminology we speak of “the Field” and although he goes into 20th century physics understanding of a field as an organizing structure in polarity, he also means to use it as an illustration of the concept that there is a Field that exists prior to the manifestation of any form in duality. This FIELD is the Self-organizing Action of the Power to be Conscious, which moves from invisible Plenum into our world thru emanation and Self-fracturing, which is to say, How the One Becomes the Many.


I am of the opinion that one of the invisible things a “master” does is open a portal from this structured world into that of the “Divine” or the Plenum, from which all Life flows. It is this vitalizing force which stirs up and raises the frequencies of the chela/student. It acts under many names of course, such as prana, Shakti, Holy Spirit, Fire of tongues, and so on. All forms emanating from the Mother Field, it remains the Source and Mother’s Milk which sustains our existence.


I am also of the opinion that unless this portal is nurtured by awakening students who are aware of the divine Vacuum that pervades their own conscious organism, that the portal will fade. Being aware that there is such a Resource available to us, opened by the sustained efforts of our teacher Vitvan, and bequeathed to us, is the first step.


But once aware of that, I wondered what practical thing could be done, what kind of invocation or ritual, or engineering of the time/space could be done using our consciousness, or other forces to sustain and multiply this effect. People coming to Home Farm have often remarked that there is some kind of force field there that stirs them.


Therefore I consider this Field at HF to be a Resource that must be protected and cultivated. Otherwise it will fade over time as do all structures in our world. Vitvan pointed us towards discovering this within ourselves, as IT alone, and not any words about IT, including the words of Vitvan, is the true Teacher, the Fire of the I AM within every person.

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Then one day in late December 2011, shortly before the cowardly Pat Murray showed up at my door with an eviction notice from the traitorous Board, the idea came to me to visualize the structure of the Field at Home Farm as the FOL overlaid on a satellite photo of the land.


Using Google Earth, and the Centrum as the navel of this Field, I drew this up. 


So now what to do with this? How to activate it further before it faded out?




This brings us to the topic of “organite” which is an evolution of the discoveries of Wilhelm Reich and the self-organizing Life Force he called Orgone, although it certainly has been known by many other names over the centuries. But one of Reich’s contributions was his discovery of an “orgone accumulator,” a box made by alternating organic layers like wood or wool, with sheets of “inorganic” metal.  The box acted as an accumulator and concentrated the ambient orgone in the atmosphere, which could be measured (as he demonstrated to an interested Einstein), and used to heal.


But it had a downside. Reich discovered that orgone energy could also have a dark side and a negative effect on living organisms, and he called this altered orgone Deadly Orgone, or DOR. It appears it is a side effect of mankind working with radioactive fissionable materials and bombs, although there may also be malevolent people and beings who cultivate it for their own purposes of domination.


The Orgone Box could also accumulate DOR with sickening results as Reich found out, his home and entire valley gradually being covered with a black pall. It was this that led him to discover DOR.


In the 1990’s Dark Forces on our planet began more systematic cultivation of domination energetics thru esoteric and black sciences, such as a hidden control project using chemtrails, which though also a hidden project, had a more benevolent (though arrogant) concept of geo-engineering the atmosphere for war purposes, or against (supposed) global warming.


Dark Forces engineering were able to use the ever growing electronic networks required by microwave and other spectrum radiation to also broadcast and refine experiments in influencing human mental and emotional frequencies.


Concurrently with these End of the Cycle monkey hi-jinks by NWO types, benevolent Intelligences gave the discovery of orgone accumulators without the DOR downside, in fact they drew DOR in and neutralized it. A mixture of metal shavings and resin plus a few crystals poured into molds formed what came to be called “organite.” Organite became the basis for many variations of devices to counter the DOR and mind control emanating thru microwave tower networks, chemtrails, and other radionics devices used by Dark Forces. To learn more Google for “organite.” A good site is www.orgoniseafrica.com with many stories of how even very poor people’s have been able to improve weather, growing seasons, and to defeat negative forces.


One of the basic organite devices is the TB or Tower Buster, which is organite made up as little energy handgrenades by pouring it into muffin pans. These are cheap, can be scattered in negative areas such as microwave towers, around Federal Reserve buildings, banks, military posts, and other etheric toxic places as the sensitive worker will discover by the “bad vibes” they encounter.


Description: tbgemsDescription: gtb3















Description: OrgoniteTowerBuster_800This is the basic TB I make.


“Coincidentally” another more powerful device called the Chembuster used to dissipate chemtrails uses higher quality double terminated crystals in copper energy directing tubes, set in a large matrix of organite. It was experimentally found that setting 6 tubes in a hexagon pattern worked well. I had made two of these.


Your standard Chembuster is a simple affair although many beautiful artistic versions are also made. Copper pipe being expensive, it has been found in poor locales like Africa that even rebar will work.

Your basic elements:


Description: chembuster


What caught my attention even before learning much about the FOL was how one creates a template to hold the pipes in place, based on the 6 sided hexagon.


A circle is drawn with a compass, and then the same compass using that same radius is moved to a point on the circumference, and scribes where the compass cuts the circle. Amazingly (to me) it exactly marks off 6 points, producing the root flower the FOL is based on. The double tetrahedron also appears.

Description: compass inscribes hex

Description: hexagon in circleAt the time I just thought this was cool, but when I became aware of how the FOL is a schematic 2D for the organizing power of the Vacuum, or FIELD, it was doubly cool that the Chembuster amplified it’s organite power using the basic matrix pattern.


And so, having spent some time reading about organite, making TBs and distributing them, and making chembusters, it seemed suddenly like this aspect of creating coherent Orgone energy fields now was preparatory knowledge to ACTIVATING the FOL Field Overlay at Home Farm.


Using a Google Earth I transferred the location of each node in the FOL into my handheld Garmin GPS. I had 37 nodal points in the FOL Field, so made up that many TBs and went out and buried them in stealth, with the idea that they were focal points for orgone, and would like little points of energy organize a Field in the FOL pattern, which I now considered was me taking a conscious action to cultivate the underlying structure of the spiritual Field of Home Farm.


And there the project lay. After a few months I was banished entirely from Home Farm.




Over the next year as I worked through my anger and upset with the Board and their destructive pig-headed and ignorant actions which damage this precious hidden Resource, I also had to find how to begin to establish a positive antidote to their toxicity, and also began to sense what patience Vitvan had to have to be constantly surrounded by childish and enturbulating behaviors. Many students have been frustrated there and have left, feeling unappreciated and even oppressed. I encountered a spectrum of such people who felt they had a connection to Vitvan’s Field, but wanted little to do with Home Farm in its current version. Some were openly supportive of me, others mildly, some afraid to take an open position or to stand up to the bullies, some content to sit on the sidelines and see if any real reform could come about but generally dubious. Still, I divided students into two groups: those who were not against me and my efforts, and those who were very consciously intent on doing me harm. The latter I consider traitors to the essential axioms and rules of behavior set forth by Vitvan for his School; the former I considered students in various stages of recovery from abuse they had received from the degraded conditions at Home Farm. It appears that one must have actual recovery time away from the conditions of DOR that have seeped into Vitvan’s vehicle of the Teaching.


In my dream teaching I was told that one had to put Intention into activating this Field which was now in a hibernating state, like SNO White waiting to be awoken with a kiss. I had to put MYSELF into this FOL Field as if I were an engineer who not only threw the switch, but had to keep it in my conscious attention. I felt that I am tied to all other students in this Field as if in a family, and so I considered all those who were in a state of neutrality towards me, or better, or whom I thought at least were concerned about where Home Farm is heading, that they were active or potential allies in the Reform movement. 


And so, using the principle of action at a distance, as done through radionic healing as by Ruth Drown, or the contemporary AIM movement which broadcasts healing frequencies to people in a scalar (thru the Vacuum network connection) using their picture as a position in space/time locator, I began to place the image of each of the people who I felt was an active or potential contributor to the Renaissance of the hibernating Field, each image onto its own organite TB amplifier, and then onto the FOL overlay of Home Farm.


Some have never been to Home Farm but qualify in my world because the work they do has increased my health and healing, resolve and intention to hold to the highest I can. There is not just the Home Farm Field but hundreds of other Fields holding to high intention for the unfoldment of mankind, all of them an expression of this Flower of Life. Therefore I include people whom I consider resonantly connected. And, as one Field blooms, it radiates back out power to those other sister Fields of like- minded consciousness, in an ever expanding World Wide Web.


Here is the current FOL overlay grid map. I put Stan Grof at the top because of all the people I have connected to, I feel he has outlined most all of the intermediate steps Vitvan left for SNO to fill in (which they have not) and done the research and left us the workable techniques. I feel he is the most holistic of mentors currently out there. 




May this Reformed Vitvan Field bring courage and energy to those who sit on the sidelines, or who are still in recovery, in a grand feedback loop that will lift more and more students up.




No sooner had this last phase gotten underway, but I had a meditation wherein I remembered all the places I had walked to around Home Farm with my little boy Brandon when he was 3 and 4. He loved to go down to the Home Farm pond, or “lake,” and so in the meditation he took me there too. I was suddenly aware that there was a feminine presence in the water, who rose up and said her name was Lakshmi, which may be a pun on the modest pond being a “lake.” But the shamanic viewpoint immediately became clear, as spiritual energies reside in unusual physical aspects of the landscape.


The majestic Mt. Wheeler is what the Incans call an Apu, a mountain spirit very powerful. And contained within this sky-thrusting male mountain is a large womb like cave, making the mountain an unusual androgynous Nature Spirit. The pure water snows that fall on it pass thru rocky layers and emerge in a spring on Home Farm property, that feeds the pond. This pristine water carries the energetic life force of that great mountain, and it gathers and concentrates in the “Lake” at Home Farm.


It seemed to me that even as we were consciously looking and intending to find a way to revive the Field at Home Farm, it was now happening, and had revealed Herself. I understood that She had been hibernating until the time was right to re-emerge. She has just needed someone to recognize that She really existed, not just as an abstract idea, but as a living goddess who will help if called on, cared for, and admired.


I saw that the land of Home Farm is Her body, that we can live and move in Her substance if we choose to and honor Her presence.


Lakshmi turns out to be an expression of the female Trinity, the TriDevi, and She, our Lady of the Lake, is the goddess of Prosperity and new growth. May She bless our efforts.

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