Ritual of Cleansing Home Farm

A Negative Glamor Field has metastasized in the energetic repository
at Home Farm, which we colloquially call "the Field."
(for further explanation see here)

As I came to start coming out of the fog and glamour spell which now
enthralled Home Farm, it was clear this accumulated Darkness had to be
confronted. Walking away and "being above it all" would be a failure as
a spiritual test, and to show I was beginning to understand what the Vitvans had
bequeathed us as an INNER world structure we could draw on,
and that it was worth the effort and experiment to see if the rigidity and dogmatism
from a reified Board could be purged.

I had not yet been expelled but they had been discussing it behind closed doors for months (2011).
Meanwhile I was beseeching the Blessed Ones for guidance. What could one person do?
The idea came to try and amp up the Field by consciously visualizing
its structure, that a force had been accumulated by Ralph-as-Vitvan and
literally embedded into the Mother Substance of the Landscape.
Thus Holy Ground is made.

My long studies of the algorithms of geometrical unfoldment, as in sacred geometry,
and alchemy, How the One Becomes the Many,
resolved down to the Flower of Life.
I would map the FOL over a Google map of Home Farm, and then place
organite TBs at each node. These beacons or pulses would possibly
ping the collapsing structure of the Field (for it must be fed by conscious students
bringing their heart centered and open surrender to the Process within the Field).

The Heart of Home Farm is the Centrum. Thus the FOL was centered there.
If the organizing force could be revived, it might weaken and dissolve the
rigidity that had developed. This would entail a purge in each person's psyche
as their dharma and karma required. No charge or emphasis was placed on the outcome,
except that all frogs be cooked in the rising heat!

I also placed a photo of an individual onto each TB, people whom I felt MIGHT have the
capacity for growth and renaissance, or whose energy I felt was positive and who were
by extension in the field at large good allies. Also, they would be impulsed in their own
development in this scalar nexus. It is clear that we work as souls in a family,
and it takes more than one or two to keep a School as a vital Stream, a living force.

Here is further explanation

How has this worked out now at Feb 2015?
Pat and Jane Murray, longtime focal points of infection, have vamoosed!
Cozzie is conducting a long distance relationship it appears, and since his
son Noah has left home, Robert might move on too.
Without Jane to guide her,  the petulant Wetmore may be a loose cannon.
She is the poster child for the Peter Principle, and her effect upon the School
has not been accumulatively positive. When Anita (who made a deal with the devil, hoping
to tap Wetmore's money) appointed Susan to the Board, she was warned against this.
Even back then, Susan was known to be unqualified to represent the Teaching.

Thus Wetmore was also targeted for exorcism.

Newbies from Colorado who don't know the actual truth of living at Home Farm
have been recruited, another generation of Hopium smokers.

It may be too late for Home Farm, for now.

Meanwhile, we can testify that we have found and contacted the Inner School
and the true "Home Farm" in the higher worlds.
We testify of our own experience that we have found the door to that which
Ralph-as-Vitvan worked so hard to leave for us to find at last.


The video below will be understood according to the level of the viewer.
Some will blithely say this is all my projection and my own inner turpitude!
Of course it is so that we hook into or are hooked by what we resonate to,
and I will state that I have met another Susan Wetmore at the Inner Home Farm,
and, that I recognize "her" as part of this family of souls. Likewise Jane.
BUT, on this plane, in this 3D world, that persona labeled "Susan" has to
be dealt with as a loose cannon and "in-toxic-ating" force.