Cista Mystica
{Cista as reveled to the author} is a repository for Victor Wolf mementos of a Journey

Fourcroy transcribed rare book on urine
Cathedrals  (Fulcanelli) images and book
Cogito Ergot Sum deep re-awakening while amongst the zombies at SNO
Darkroom The Darkroom theory; my report on 10 days in Darkroom
FOL (Flower of Life) a white magic ritual to break the Darkness at SNO Home Farm
Greg Howard pictures rare images of mushrooms in Indian sculpture
Houses of the Philosophers Fulcanelli Complete book online
James Arthur's message from prison  
Julia Stewart Hosted site
kykeon can poppy pod be decoded also as Syrian Rue?
Musiks two electronic crafted songs by me (not Khailas)
Poems & Pensees alchemical memories...a selection
praxis a theory on the matter for the Great Work
Secret Drugs of Buddhism a PDF made from Mike Crowley's site.
Shadow Shadow of the Dalai Lama  expose of Tibetan buddhism
shrooms beautiful images of mushrooms by Taylor Lockwood
soma Soma the Divine Hallucinogen by David Spess
swastika rare lost site on the multi-levels of the swastika
Telluride trip to the Mushroom Festival
Vitvan-Archive Core of the Archive: DTSearch portable; get Audio Files disc pw is diediedie