Cista Mystica
{Cista as reveled to the author} is a repository for Victor Wolf mementos of a Journey

Acharya Acharya S files
Alchemy beads on the chain
Answer The questions the SNO Board refuses to answer; why they will not mediate with their critics; how they prevaricate and continue to stonewall. WHY? Because they could not be deposed and defend their lame excuse.
Cult End-SNO-cult satire
Fourcroy transcribed rare book on urine
Calendar infamous printed calendar 2013 exposing Home Farm junta
Cathedrals  (Fulcanelli) images and book
Cogito Ergot Sum deep re-awakening while amongst the zombies at SNO
Darkroom The Darkroom theory; my report on 10 days in Darkroom
Family Talk 2009 Illustrations used in the SNO talk that sealed my doom there! Entheogens in history of religion, neuroscience, Yugas, fractal universe, Buddhists and Jains on 'shrooms; enough to scare the bejeezus out of dogmatists that their paradigm is full of shit.
FOL (Flower of Life) a white magic ritual to break the Darkness at SNO Home Farm
Greg Howard pictures rare images of mushrooms in Indian sculpture
Houses of the Philosophers Fulcanelli Complete book online
ISNO Hosted site for INNER School of the Natural Order Under construction Workbook for ISNO
James Arthur's message from prison  
Jane Banishment video on the Murrays, who subsequently left
Julia Stewart Hosted site
kykeon can poppy pod be decoded also as Syrian Rue?
Liber Alzor fragments
Mike Video conversion I made for Schneider on his presentation
My Medical Angel site never launched
Muktananda to Grof: Soma formula still known in India  
Musiks two electronic crafted songs by me (not Khailas)
NWCI Natural Way Conservancy Old site cached
Oak one path to praxis
ompharm a branch of the Vitvanology universe
Poems & Pensees alchemical memories...a selection
praxis a theory on the matter for the Great Work
reform  School of the Natural Order exposed
Saturn The God Star
Secret Drugs of Buddhism a PDF made from Mike Crowley's site.
Shadow Shadow of the Dalai Lama  expose of Tibetan buddhism
shrooms beautiful images of mushrooms by Taylor Lockwood
SNO satire on the devolved Pollyanna School of the Natural Order as seen by an insider who lived there a decade. Asleep at the wheel SNO lapsed domain satirizing Home Farm junta
SNO website history How I transformed the site from plain and dowdy to its flowering; and its decline into blah under Lynne Hoffman
soma Soma the Divine Hallucinogen by David Spess
swastika rare lost site on the multi-levels of the swastika
sweatmore Susan Wetmore of Home Farm and revealed
Telluride trip to the Mushroom Festival
Vitvan-Archive Core of the Archive: DTSearch portable; get Audio Files disc part of the Vitvanology web part of the Vitvanology web part of the Vitvanology web secret of the skambha and cross-over gender
x some items in the X Vault